About Us


Floral Design & Performing Arts

Throughout history flowers and entertainment go hand and hand. Ancient Egyptians where known as the first florists commissioned to design luxurious flower arrangements for big events while in Greece and Rome the entertainers performed with wreaths and flowers decorated on their props, costumes and hair. Today history repeats by incorporating flowers and performing arts in personal and professional events. With this said, both have proven to make a perfect marriage. When attending an event involved with AZALEA ARTZ you'll witness over 20 years of professional experience in the world of performing arts and floral design. 


Christy Lynn - Creator/Producer

Originally from Phoenix AZ, Christy Lynn studied classical dance and music since childhood. Her main emphasis was ballet for dance technique, tap dance for rhythm, the cello and percussion for musicality. Her love for dance and entertainment took her to a professional level performing, producing and choreographing for casino’s  as well as producing, styling and choreographing customized shows consisting of live music, dance theater and specialty acts for corporate events and theaters in Scottsdale AZ, Los Angeles CA, New York NY and Montreal QC. Throughout her entertainment career she also worked as a florist. Her designing skills specialized in high end traditional and contemporary designs for weddings, resorts and corporate events in Scottsdale, AZ and New Port Beach, CA. Starting AZALEA ARTZ has given Christy Lynn the ability to further express her love for music, dance and flowers. 


Giving Back

A portion of the funds made through AZALEA ARTZ will be given to a charity organization involved in helping four things near and dear to Christy Lynn's heart... the arts, children, environment and animals. More details on "Giving Back" TBA soon!